Mena recently received a degree in animation but cannot seem to find a job. She applies for, and is accepted to be an animator for a few nonprofit organizations, is able to build up her portfolio, and receives many professional recommendations. She attributes her volunteer experience to later landing her dream job!


Sasha just graduated high school and dreams of becoming a graphic designer. In high school, she excelled in the one graphic design class she took. She decides to volunteer to create a logo and develops software skills. WIth this, she has a reference for her resume and an awesome piece for her portfolio!


Mack is a self-proclaimed a lifelong learner. He loves to take on new challenges and add new skills to his tool belt. Mack recently discovered the option to volunteer online and has never looked back. He is currently juggling five different volunteer positions around the world as a researcher, web developer, evaluator, grant writer, and spokesperson.


Recently diagnosed with diabetes, Darcy is eager to know more about the disease so she volunteers online for a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping people with the condition. She is quickly promoted to be their volunteer and social media manager. With this experience, she feels more in control and ready to care for her health, knowing she is armed with the best resources.


Doug has been let go from his job of 30 years and is forced to re-enter the job market. He lives in a remote area and cannot travel far. Doug decides to start volunteering online as a translator for United Nations Volunteers, and expects that the position will grow to a paid opportunity with more potential.


Kim never uses technology but her new job requires that she is good with the computer, Internet, and Word Processing tools. To become more comfortable and experienced with technology, Kim volunteers as an online English tutor for women in the Philippines. Everything is done over skype. It is a great experience for everyone!


Mike was asked to counsel teen youth in his law enforcement position. He has never been a mentor for younger adults so he decides to volunteer as a big brother for young boys. With this experience, he is able to build his resume and finds great new little brother friends.


Red is a retired senior with a great deal of experience in the business world. He wants to share his wisdom and give back to the world so he volunteers online for a nonprofit that provides microloans for the economically disadvantaged. New entrepreneurs appreciate his shrewd, cutthroat advice. Red receives several community, volunteer awards for his service.

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